Has Wendy Williams Started Drinking Again?

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is working her way back and, at the same time, there are rumors she may have started drinking after hitting rehab!

Wendy Williams was recently seen drinking at a gay bar in New York City. This is news, because she recently got out of rehab. People are concerned about the former talk show host that has been slowly crawling back to the forefront. A white podcaster recently divulged that he hung out with Wendy and the news said a lot.

Rob Shuter, the podcaster, told the New York Post that Wendy “lit up like a Christmas tree to see someone she knew” after appearing lonely. After that, he went back to share in latest episode of his podcast how it went down. He revealed that he and his crew had food and drinks with Wendy. And in this, she made the startling revelation that the gossip goddess wanted her buds to go! Another person with The Post, a sketchy publication at times, said that she flat-out wanted to get drunk. “She wasn’t hiding [her drinking],” the source said.

Wendy is also looking for love! I would like for her not to look for love, but let it find her. She is going to meet the wrong person and then get done dirty again. She also said she is willing to f##k, which is a completely different thing altogether!

Before leaving, she took a lot of pictures with the gay men at the bar. I am wondering why there are no more picture of these assumed interactions. I am hoping she gets out of the drinking phase and goes back to the sobriety stage. She ain’t going to get back in a state of drunkenness!

I am not sure that these reports and things are just “reports.” Some seem like hit jobs! Wendy clearly p##### off some people in high places and she has been CHECKED. And just as she makes some movies forward, she gets knocked back down.