Young Thug Juror Sent To Jail For Recording Jury Selection Process And Infuriating The Judge

Young Thug

A remorseful juror learned a hard lesson after she was sent to jail for recording the jury selection process in Young Thug’s RICO case!

In the ongoing case against Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug and his purported associates, a 21-year-old prospective juror found herself briefly jailed for capturing court proceedings with her cellphone, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

The woman, Juror 1004, initially received a three-day jail sentence from Chief Judge Ural Glanville but was released after apologizing approximately five hours later.

Juror 1004 claimed she didn’t know filming was forbidden at the Fulton County Courthouse when she shot the footage on March 17th. 

Deputies searched the woman’s phone today (April 3rd) during court proceedings, and found the incriminating evidence in a folder marked deleted, causing judge Glanville to snap.

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Despite this, Glanville emphasized that he provides an extensive list of courtroom conduct guidelines for potential jurors. The judge expressed concern that the juror’s actions jeopardized the trial.

Glanville admonished the woman, and anyone else thinking of deviating from his rules and informed the juror that he would attempt to assign her to a different case in the upcoming months. 

The case against Young Thug has faced several obstacles.

In January, allegations arose that the rapper and one of his co-defendants in the YSL RICO case hindered jury selection by engaging in a drug exchange within the courtroom.

Courtroom surveillance footage captured Young Thug and his co-defendant Kahlieff Adams in an illicit “hand-to-hand” transaction.

After searching, deputies reportedly discovered Percocet, marijuana, and tobacco on Adams. He was subsequently taken to the hospital for allegedly consuming other illegal items to keep them hidden from authorities. Young Thug maintained his innocence.

Also in January, Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, notified the court about a potential juror attempting to contact him. Steel did not respond to the juror, instead informing Judge Ural Glanville and other trial participants. 

Glanville subsequently marked the email as a court exhibit and asked court personnel to investigate the matter.

In addition, several potential jurors failed to return for the second week of jury selection, despite being required to do so. One woman was ordered by Judge Glanville to be brought back from the airport after a trip to the Dominican Republic.

In February, a video was allegedly stolen from investigators and made public, raising concerns for the witness’s safety. The video features a man identified as YSL Woody discussing an impending murder, and it has received over 30 million views on YouTube. 

The comment section was filled with threats against the man, prompting Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to express concern for his well-being. 

Young Thug is one of 14 individuals entangled in a high-stakes trial on RICO charges. 

Prosecutors assert that YSL, or Young Slime Life, is deeply involved in various sinister criminal activities, including grisly murders and dangerous shootings.

Initially, a grand jury indicted a staggering 28 YSL members. However, eight of them—including Gunna and Young Thug’s brother, Unfoonk—opted for plea deals in the intense RICO case. 

The remaining members’ fates will be decided in trials set for later dates.