KSI Apologizes For Using Racial Slur


The rapper/YouTuber said an offensive term for South Asians on TV.

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji is best known as internet personality KSI. The London-born entertainer recently found himself in hot water.

KSI and his fellow Sidemen groupmates appeared on the British game show Countdown. The “Houdini” rapper said the word “P###” on the program. The pejorative term is considered an insult against people of South Asian origin. 

“Look, we need points, alright. I don’t mean this maliciously, but the word’s P###,” stated KSI on Countdown as other people on the panel laughed. Many social media users called out the YouTuber for using the slur.

Following the online backlash, KSI addressed the situation in a tweet shared on Sunday. He wrote, “I wanna [apologize] for saying a racial slur in a recent Sidemen video. There’s no excuse, no matter the circumstances, I shouldn’t have said it and I’m sorry.”

KSI added, “I’ve always said to my audience that they shouldn’t worship me or put me on a pedestal because I’m human. I’m not perfect, I’m gonna mess up in life, and lately, I’ve been messing up a lot. So I’ve decided I’m gonna just take a break from social media for a while.”

The Dissimulation and All Over the Place album creator recently confirmed his third studio LP is on the way. KSI also made headlines over the weekend for his surprise appearance at WWE’s WrestleMania 39 event during the Logan Paul vs Seth Rollins match.